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Happiness always begins from the inside and the walls of your home are no exception.

That the reflection of what is inside can be seen a street away. Do not leave the facade of your home to anyone.

Not only do we take care of the painting of your home, but we also have the necessary experience to give you a design and a transformation of the highest quality.

We have the best specialists and machinery in renovation of homes. Dare to give that 180 degree turn inside or outside your house.

The drywall is a material that not many professionals in the area know how to place, in Caelius with professionals specialized in drywall, we offer our customers a quality service.

We know how intimate and important is bath time, that’s why we have professionals who will provide you with the best service and the best work in remodeling your bathroom. In Caelius we want this moment of the day to be unique.

Each part of a house is fundamental, the elaboration and detail in each piece is something that must be done with extreme care and the roof is not the exception. In Caelius we give a roof to your home!

The dirt is hidden in the places you least think, pressure washing your solar panels, facades and other space in the house is the solution for all that dust that refuses to leave.

Wood work requires expert professionals in the area, we have the best.


We are a company that relies on the quality of its human capital and faithfully believes that when a customer is satisfied with our work and professionalism in the area of painting is our best business card.


Quote with us! Our agents wait for your call.

San Antonio, TX 78213